Suck Gate Wake Shaper

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  • $399

When the boat moves through the water the water is pushed under and around the boat. The water will eventually come together directly behind the center of the boat. The water coming up below the boat will rise vertically with the prop wash and create a "V" pattern wake. The SuckGate displaces the water coming around the side of the boat so the water from both sides does not come together in the center of the boat. This creates an unbalanced wake. The water coming up below will rise with more force creating the "Curl" and "Push" that allows you to Wake Surf!

Perfect for Inboards and Older V Drives.

Ballast Boat Evenly -No Fill and Drain necessary simply move Suck Gate to opposite side of Surfer.

Industrial Strength Suction Sups - No Velcro!

Compact Design - Fits more hull styles including older direct drives

Marine Grade Fabrication - UV Protected with Stainless Steel Hardware

Made in Canada!